New Video! San Isidro Agroecological Farm

Four years ago I was living in Ecuador and working on my thesis on agroforestry. In addition to interviewing dozens of farmers I also filmed and edited two videos about cloud forest conservation and sustainable alternative livelihoods. Finally, I’ve released a third video, long overdue, about a community-supported organic farm.

After completing the fieldwork for my thesis early, I spent the extra time working on a couple conservation videos. I produced one for a local nonprofit called Cambugán Foundation, and collected footage for a second video for them that I never got around to finishing. Last December I got an email from Cambugán asking if I could finish the video. I agreed, and I’m glad I did. While a small community-supported farm like Cambugán’s is nothing new in the U.S., it’s pretty groundbreaking in Ecuador. Cambugán Foundation is doing a lot of much-needed work in rural Ecuador and I admire their direct and practical approach. It’s often the small, grassroots conservation organizations that inspire me the most. As a filmmaker, I view it as my role to help give these small but important organizations a voice. I hope you enjoy their story.

Thanks to Andy Johnson for helping me film this video! I don’t think we’ll ever forget how sick he got while we were shooting it.


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